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Our Story

La nostra storia,ingresso principale BSA Underwriting Agency, Le Collaborazioni Orizzontali

Our services define who we are

Our Story

BSA, established under different names in 1991, is today an Underwriting Agency operating as a Wholesaler throughout Italy. Thanks to its agreements with numerous Insurance Companies, it offers its Partners a wide range of insurance solutions for the reference market.

As an independent company operating on a national scale, BSA specialises mainly in the risks of Professional Indemnity, Health Facility Liability, D & O, PO, Property Liability, Product Liability, and more. Over the years, it has established itself as a point of reference for Agents and Brokers, providing a customised service that facilitates the placement of world-class insurance products.

With a deep knowledge of the insurance industry, BSA Underwriting Agency has established strong relationships with the global insurance market. One of BSA’s main strengths is its ability to meet the needs of its network, offering a fast, punctual and comprehensive service, including the real-time delivery of all the documentation required to conclude the contract.

Products are distributed and managed through its proprietary web platform, ‘Unica Insurtech’.

The software allows Agents and Brokers to independently process quotes and quickly manage related administrative processes.

Insurance policy analysis

Advice on existing policies and definition of new insurance programmes

Claims Management

Global assistance in correctly reporting the claim and identifying costs subject to insurance reimbursement

Analysis of market strategies

Analysis of the economic strategies of selected companies in both Italian and foreign markets

Policy Management

Issuing policies and technical and administrative management of current and new contracts


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