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BSA Underwriting Agency


Our Story

BSA Underwriting Agency was established under different names in 1991. Today it is an Underwriting Agency that operates throughout Italy as a Wholesaler. Having a multiplicity of agreements with various Insurance Companies, it makes available to its network of Agents and Brokers, a wide range of insurance solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of the reference market.

It is an ‘independent’ reality, specialised in particular in Professional Indemnity, Health Facility Liability, D&O, PO, Property Liability, Product Liability, and much more.

Over the years, it has confirmed itself as a point of reference for the Agent and Broker market, with a customised service that allows for the agile placement of insurance products belonging to international level Companies.

The in-depth knowledge of the insurance business has enabled BSA to relate to a global insurance market.

One of BSA Underwriting Agency’s points of pride is undoubtedly its ability to meet the expectations of its network, providing a fast, punctual service that includes the real-time delivery of all the documentation required to conclude the contract.

The products are distributed and managed through its own WEB platform, ‘Unica Insurtech’, which allows Agents and Brokers to independently process product quotations and quickly manage all subsequent administrative processes.

BSA Underwriting Agency riunione di lavoro

Our network of partners Agents and Brokers in Italy

Unica Insurtech:
Simplify Management and Administrative processes


Tailor-made products: Choose from a wide range of products for your customer base

Instant quotes: Our live quoter provides instant quotes for the cheapest companies

Same-day issues: Meet your customers’ needs with fast issues

Full-time support: We support our manufacturers at all stages


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Quotazioni Immediate
Emissioni in giornata
Assistenza Full-time

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Most Relevant Products

BSA Underwriting Agency not only offers products for the major and most important national and international insurance companies, but also specialises in the placement of specific risks in the Anglo-Saxon market.

Professional Indemnity

It covers, within a specific ceiling, all professional responsibilities established by law (Medical, Legal, Economic, Technical, etc.).

Exhibitions, events and fairs

A product that protects organisers and exhibitors at trade fairs and similar events.


Insurance policy designed to protect executives and directors from personal legal liabilities arising from business decisions.


Insurance contract taken out by manufacturers to cover material damage to the construction site and equipment during the period of coverage.

General liability / Security Institute

Third party liability / Liability towards employees / Contractual liability / Bonds / Accidents ex GPG collective agreement

Fine Art

The broadest cover on the market, it insures against all accidental losses except those expressly excluded in the policy, such as theft, physical loss and fire.


Through our reference insurers, we offer insurance cover that provides for the payment of an indemnity to the beneficiary of the policy.

Products Liability

We work with all major national and international companies that insure product liability.

Companies represented

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liberty specialty market en
logo assicuratrice milanese
logo ergo
logo global assistance
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Our services define who we are:

Risk assessment and estimation in order to define insurance coverage strategies.

Advice on existing policies and definition of new insurance programmes.

Issuing policies, in particular technical and administrative management of current and new contracts.

Identification of the best Italian and foreign insurance companies suitable to cover the risk.

Analysis of the economic strategies of selected companies in both Italian and foreign markets.

Comprehensive assistance in correctly reporting the claim, in particular in identifying the costs subject to insurance reimbursement.

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