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We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies dealing with Travel insurance policies. Our Travel insurance policies cover individual, group and business travels.

Our Travel insurance policies are suitable for individuals, groups and business people, thus offering services before the arrival and during the stay.

About Business Trips

Our insurance policies provide business employees travelling abroad with a complete solution. Apart from the traditional insurance policies covering medical emergencies, our products provide useful travel information related to your stay, such as sudden political events, adverse weather conditions or other events affecting your journey dramatically.

Features of the product

The services offered before the departure are:

  • Online courses to travel safe (these include information about safety, preparation and arrival, health risks, criminality, etc.)
  • Reports on the destination Country (these can be printed or sent by e-mail)

The services offered during the say are:

  • Medical emergency and travel care in case of need. These are managed through dedicated emergency operations centres with specific telephone numbers from Italy and abroad;
  • Country Emergency Service by e-mail (to receive alerts on each country during the stay);

The insurance coverage

The insurance policy offers the following insurance coverage:

  • Medical Expenses and Healthcare
  • Interruption and Cancellation of the Business Trip
  • Protection of Personal and Company Possessions
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Legal Assistance
  • Crisis Guard
  • Accidents
  • Extension to Italy