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Third-Party Liability for Private Security Firms

We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies covering Third-Party Liability for Security Firms.

It is well known that, following the Legislative Decree No. 269/2010, Security Firms must take out an insurance policy covering Third-Party Liability towards Employees and Contractual Liability. This policy is fundamental to get a new licence and renew it yearly.

We offer the following solutions for private Security Firms:

1 – Liability Insurance
Third Party-Liability
This policy covers unintentional damages to third parties during the working hours, such as death, bodily injuries and material damages. Referring to physical damages, the policy includes material and non-material damages. Among the non-material damages, there are moral and biological damages, as long as they are legally verified. The policy is also valid for damages caused by employees’ gross negligence or wilful misconduct.
Liability Insurance towards Workers
This policy protects employers from refund claims following working accidents. These claims come from INAIL and INPS on the behalf of employees.
Contractual Liability
The policy aims to refund those damages caused by individuals, companies or organisations as a result of breach of the contract despite the work carried out. In particular, the insurance policy protects the policy-holder’s employers in the event of omissions and negligence, provided that responsibility, where an out-of-court settlement has not been possible, is defined by a judicial decision.

2 – Deposits
Two deposits are required to Private Security Firms:
– Deposit to issue or renwe the licence Cauzione;
– Deposit for provisional/definitive tendering procedures;
The Prefecture is the beneficiary, whereas the deposit is provided by an insurance guarantee.

3 – Accidents of former GPG CCNL
According to GPG, the Security Firm must take out an accident policy covering the following amount of money:
– Death 52.000 €
– Permanent Disability 103.000 €