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Suretyship Insurances

BSA offers a wide rage of products in the field of CAUTIONS and TECHNOLOGICAL RISKS

In CAUTIONS you can find:

  • Provisional Public Procurements
  • Definitive Public Procurements
  • Payment Rate
  • Definitive Supplies and Services for Public Authorities
  • Provisional Supplies and Services for Public Authorities
  • Generic Good Execution for Public Authorities
  • Garanty VAT Refund
  • Bulding Concessions
  • Geneic Good Execution for Private Authorities
  • Customs Laws
  • Protection of the property rights of the buyers of building to be built
  • Transboundary waste shipments
  • Group VAT in Compensation
  • Foreigners Admittance
  • Subscription to the National Registers of Environmental Managers
  • Suitability Policy for Finacial Carriers


  • CAR Merloni
  • CAR 210 Procurements between Individuals
  • Decennial Posthomous
  • Compromise Decennial Posthomous Compensation