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Safe Donation

Safe Donation is the policy protecting the economic interests throughout the sale and lease transactions of properties of donation origin.

Thanks to its highly skilled insurers in this field, BSA offers a complete insurance coverage including the compensation payment to the beneficiaries of the policy. The payment will be effective if the property of donation origin is disputed between its heirs willing to own the possession or to get its monetary countervalue.

The beneficiaries or this policy are those who have acquired the possession and the credit institutions who have finaced the acquisition.

According to the Article 563 of the Civil Code, the compensation offered to the beneficiaries who have suffered from an economic loss is:

  • The value of the estate at the time of the compensation request. Its value is agreed in the event of its return or the sum of money due to the heirs as an alternative to the return of the property;
  • The expenses incurred and/or a loss of earnings. In other words, these are referred as the economic loss suffered by the beneficiary at the time of the final trial in the event of an abrupt eviction of the property. A compensation equal to the expenses he has payed to the tenant will be payed to the beneficiary of the property