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Pollution Liability

We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies covering Pollution Liability.

Pollution is a current and debated issue in our society. Nowadays, companies are more responsible for environmental pollution. For this reason, Pollution Liability is particularly suitable for those companies involved in hazardous waste exposure.

Our partners offer personalised and innovating insurance solutions to protect contractors from pollution and environmental risks. In other words, we offer:

CPL (Contractor Pollution Liability)

This solution covers pollution and environmental risks connected to third parties’ business. This is the best solution to protect different professionals working in the same area and exposed to environmental pollution.

P.I.E.R. (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response) Europe

Thanks to specialised Networks, this solution aims to support companies reactively in the event of environmental incidents.

EnviroPro Gold

This is the best solution to totally protect companies from environmental and pollution risks. This solution is particularly suitable for multinational companies.

Po-Li Protection (Pollution Liability Protection)

Pollution Liability Protection offers an essential protection from environmental and pollution risks linked to a company’s business. It is considered a specific and economic insurance coverage offering protection from this kind of risks.