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We work with all the most important National and International Companies that provide the best insurance related to R.C. of Directors and Company Managers (D & O – Directors & Officers).

Through our reference Insurers, we make available coverages designed to guarantee the personal assets of the Directors and Managers of the Company and the payment of the defense costs incurred in the event of claims presented by third parties who believe, rightly or wrongly, to have suffered damage as a result of an illegal act committed by a director, auditor or manager of a limited company.

The current economic context is among the most difficult ever in history. Directors and executives are subjected to multiple controls relating to past, present and future business choices.

In such a context, directors and executives are increasingly exposed to having to face an exceptional number of complaints and accusations made by a number of different stakeholders.

Cover features:

Company Directors and Executives operate in a complex legal environment and companies around the world must comply with a wide range of laws, codes and standards. Faced with the careful examination to which the regulations and their respective implementation must be subjected, as well as the growing number of “creative” civil lawyers who initiate a wide range of cases of various kinds, the legal context is becoming increasingly complex, demanding and extremely expensive.

In this environment, directors and executives are exposed to risks both in their own country and abroad and therefore need adequate D&O coverage that only insurance companies with the experience and resources necessary to meet any requests for compensation I can guarantee.

Coverage includes:

  • Defense costs and damages for “illegal acts”;
  • Coverage for director of an external entity, in addition to policyholders of the contracting party and subsidiaries;
  • Coverage for illegal acts relating to employment relationships on an “individual” basis (including emotional stress);
  • Defense costs up to the entire ceiling for participation in any investigation relating to the company’s activities;
  • Pre-approved emergency expenses;
  • Deposit fees;
  • Reduced number of exclusions, with non-executive IVI clause (Insured versus Insured) applicable only to US claims;
  • Expenses to mitigate reputational damage;
  • Main advantages for listed companies;
  • Automatic coverage of the company in relation to claims relating to financial instruments;
  • Affirmative coverage for exposure related to the Sarbanes-Oxley law (including the cost of consultancy for its interpretation);
  • Affirmative coverage for in-house lawyers;
  • Crisis management expenses with the authority;
  • Interpretative advice