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Debt Liability

We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies offering the best insurance policies related to Debt Liability – Public Institutions.

Our solutions provide the policy-holder with an insurance coverage protecting capital losses following omissions by administrators, executives and employees of the government performing institutional activities, carried out for the institution they belong to.

Debt Liability

The product is specifically designed to protect those areas exposed to risks linked to administrators, executives and employees of the government performing the insitutional activity on the behalf on the public authority they belong to.


Debt Liability work with the public authority, by virtue of its vicarious civil liability, whenever it is civilly obliged to pay capital losses. These losses are due to compensation claims moved by third parties for unlawful acts performed by one or more Employees or Directors of the Contractor in the performance of their duties or institutional functions in the name or on behalf of the Contractor, as determined by the applicable legislation.

Debt Liability is also valid for the Employees and the Directors of the Public Authority:

  • Third-Party Liability arising from gross negligence
  • Administrative and Administrative-Accounting Liability arising from gross negligence

Insurance Coverage

To sum up, the insurance coverage proposed by our insurers has the following features:

  • INSURED ACTIVITIES: all those activities permitted by the Law and the regulations governing Public Employees’ Administrative Liability
  • CONTRACT FORM: “Claims Made” formula, it is valid for compensation requests and circumstances reported during the Policy validity period
  • GROSS NEGLIGENCE: it is extended to employees’ gross negligence. Membership is not complulsory
  • RETROACTIVITY: it is unlimited, too
  • POSTHOMOUS WARRANTY: it is valid up to 36 months; it is free for 5 years for insured people who are no longer in activities
  • LEGAL EXPENSES: 25% of the ceiling in addition to the ceiling itself
  • FRANCHISE: it is excluded for physical people
  • MATERIAL DAMAGE: it is always included for technical staff, whereas it is included partially for administrative staff (mansions mentioned in the Legislative Decree 81/2008)
  • DAMAGES TO WORKS: these are included
  • ECOLOGICAL AND ENVRIONMENTAL CONSULTANCY ACTIVITY: it is included and is valid for technical staff
  • POLICY-HOLDERS: the Public Authority and people working for it
  • FORMERS MERLONI LAW EXTENSION: specific certificates are expected to be issued up to 48 months