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We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies assuring the Aviation branch.

The products of the Aviation branch include:

Aircraft Insurance Policies

  • It is a third-party insurance policy responding to third-parties claims in the event of bodily and material unjuries outside the aircraft;
  • It is a CSL (Combined Single Limit), thus combining a third-party liability and a unitary coverage with a flat-rate guarantee;
  • It is a CSL, thus responding to claims if passengers are injured or dead and if their luggages are lost or damaged;

Comprehensive Insurance Policies for Aircrafts

  • The Comprehensive Insurance offers a total coverage to the aircraft in the event of a fire and natural disasters (such as windstorms, hailstorms, falling stones), aircraft or pet theft;
  • The Comprehensive Insurance is also extended to aircrafts in testing mode;

In the Aviation branch are also included:

Accident policies for aircraft staff and passengers

  • Accident policies: these policies include injury to employees (cabin crew) and passengers;
  • Coverage for passengers and cabin crew alike in the event of aircraft damages and financial loss;
  • These policies include also injuries during the boarding and the landing processes following an emergency landing;

Complementary Policies

  • Policies for flight instructors;
  • Flight shows;
  • Insurance forms for airfield managers, manufacturing and mantaining enterprises;
  • Insurance coverage in the event of wars and terroristic attacks;
  • Insurance coverage for drones;